November 2018

I’m a Christian with gay feelings. What should I do?

Dear Bear, I want a different perspective on something I’ve been going through. I’m a 21 y/o female and one semester in school about a year ago I developed a crush on a classmate who was a girl. I could feel it happening and I finally realized that I was developing my first crush on a girl. I cried a lot and felt this big war within my soul because I’ve been living a Christian lifestyle since I was 18. I know exactly what people in my church will say about homosexuality and I know what ...
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How do I deal with my partner’s feelings when they eclipse my own?

Dear Bear: My wife cries.  A lot.  It seems that whenever there’s some stress in her life or especially if we are having an argument, she breaks down and cries and then asks for immediate emotional support (and if I don’t or can’t provide it, she goes into downright emotional meltdown mode).  We have been to therapy over this and I am trying to be more accepting of her crying and more ok with the fact that it is normal and even healthy for people to cry.  But it’s to the point ...
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