Can I just stop talking to people if they’ve been horrible to me?

Dear Bear, In therapy I am learning some new things. One of them is that a lot of times I give people too many chances and let them treat me badly over and over without any consequences. When I ask for an apology I am not taken seriously. Or sometimes I get an apology that goes "tell me what I'm supposed to do" which doesn't seem like an apology? Anyway I am recently just thinking about not being friends with or not talking to certain people anymore. That includes some relatives. It ...
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My home is unsafe for me to explore my gender. What do I do?

Content note: this question contains short but intense descriptions of emotional abuse by parents. Dear Bear,  A year and a half ago everything seemed to click into place, and I realized how much I hated she/her pronouns and words associated with femininity directed at me. I also remembered how as a child I dreamed of being a dad, rather than a mother, and how jealous of boys I was when I learned what the physical difference between us was. This started me on a journey of self ...
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