August 2020

How do I tell my family I’m really happy (in a way that’s way outside their experience)?

Dear Bear, I don't mean to sound like a Tumblr post but all of this info is relevant to my question so I'm 26, nonbinary, assigned male at birth, and asexual. For a long time I really thought something was horribly wrong with me. I wasn't interested in girls even though I tried to fake it, and then when I decided I must be gay that wasn't right either. I couldn't get excited about boys the way other gays I knew described. Last year I found the world of puppy play and it was like a ...
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How do I let go of hoping to get my ex-girlfriend back?

Dear Bear About 2 months ago my ex ended our 4 year relationship with me because "something didn't feel right." We shared many firsts from the first kiss right up to the first break up. This deeply saddened me and I am still struggling with who I am without her in my life. She said she wanted to be friends but I probably burned that bridge when I called her names for the first time during our last phone call a few weeks ago. I needed something concrete that I did wrong or I would just ...
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