Special Topics In Being A Human, vol 1.

Hello, Brave Correspondents all. Today marks the beginning of an occasional special illustrated feature on Asking Bear: Special Topics In Being A Human, written by me and illustrated by the amazing Saul Freedman-Lawson. These intermittent guides are breakouts of a series of steps for managing complex human stuff that I’ve done my best to explain in a way that’s colloquial, coherent and reasonably comprehensive. As always no advice is one-size-fits-all, but I’m hopeful that this will fit some people who can make use of it (as I really, REALLY could have as a younger person, holy hopping toads).

(if you’d like a downloadable, printable version, that’s available to all Patrons on my Patreon, even the $1 level – hop over to my Patreon to join and download.)

One comment on “Special Topics In Being A Human, vol 1.”

  1. Jay says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is me. This is helpful. You are wonderful.

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